Industrial Equipment

Diamond Roll-Rings for the Industrial Market

Diamond Roll-Rings® can bring superior performance to any system requiring the transfer of power, signal, or data for rotating systems. Roll-Rings can be used to upgrade mercury slip rings, brush slip rings or cable wrap in a variety of applications:

  • Semiconductor Manufacturing
    • Deposition Machines
    • Automated Material Handling Systems
    • Wafer Polishing & Lapping
  • Turn Tables
    • Access Turntables
    • Revolving Stages
    • Test Laboratories
    • Video Signal Rotator
  • Laminating Machinery
  • Medical Equipment
  • Centrifuges
  • Self-Driving Cars

Diamond-Roltran will work with your design teams to provide a Roll-Ring that provides a unique solution tailored to the performance needs of your system and then rapidly scale it for your production requirements.


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Roll-Ring® Applications